What else can a calendar bring to you other than time?

It could be unusual.

It could revoke your childishness.

It could be different everyday.



Inspired by tongji university

The elements in this calendar stem from the buildings in Tongji University in Shanghai, China. I deeply admire the modern and unique architecture style in campus and I can often be inspired by the academic atmosphere and interaction created by these buildings. That's why I distracted the outline of the architectures as my design ideas.

full of interaction

Use pen to connect each dot every day. The image will be completed at the end of the month. A part of the lines of the image serves as a hook that you can hang it on the wall. Everyone will connect the dots in their own way. The type and color of pen of each person will be different. There are a thousand calendars in a thousand people's usages. Everyday people will create a difference and a surprise.

cherish your everyday

I want to engage people to my world by the way of drawing. Through this interactive design, people can have fun making difference everyday for their own life. A calendar isn't simply something that tell you the date, it can also be something that remind you to cherish the new day



It all started when...

My grandma has a great affection for handcraft, The closet was filled with her amazing works including cross stitch, embroidery, beads and paper-cut.I was much moved by my grandmom’s great passion for handcrafts. The idea of designing a scissors came to my mind.




A scissor is like an accessory for the craftsman. Pearls, which symbols beauty and innocence, are used to salute the craftsman and artisan. It is more about the spirits than simply tools.




 In the string lead, a droplet of pearl creates smooth connection between the upper and lower parts.



 The combination of pearl and gold part of stiletto echoes the pattern of scissor, which creates an integrated style.


A book about life

A map about the story of light and shadow.

A book about interaction and exploration.



This street is located beside my school: Tongji University, Shanghai, China. I investigated here for 6 times at 1:30 am, 3:40 am, 5:00am, 7:35 am, 9:40 am and 5:20 pm respectively. In the mid-night, I used flashlight to discover the environment.The sound, the light, the people and the cars running on the street were so different at different time. 

 After investigating and recording my experience, I decided to focus something that impressed me most: light and shadow.I designed a book that consisted of both the full picture and single object along the street.

Use the flashlight to complete the picture

and enjoy the beauty of light and shadow!



Wind Stool is an attempt to break the boundary between art and production.





The Wind Stool is inspired by the changeable and flexible wind. We can't see the shape of the wind, but the medium and image of the wind follow us everywhere. The wind is the woman's messy hair, the wind is the flying curtain beside the window, the wind is the racing grass in the field. The shape of the wind creates three curves of the Wind Stool, which is made of steel. The seating part is in the shape of curved line, and the wood is consistent with the metal underneath, which presents a ergonomic surface.