同济大学设计创意学院12月Newsletter/D&I Newsletter for December 2017


SF100 news on 08.01.2018

Jarmo Suominen and Bao Xiying drawing a charcoal image on the wall, accompanied by violin music. A drawing is taking shape on the green wall of the Sino Finnish Center of a group of people that can be identified as guests at the gala of the Sino Finnish 100 Challenge.

The drawing by Suominen and Bao is not just a reminder of the event but a great symbol of the Finnish-Chinese project as a whole. The idea was to create new kinds of collaboration between Finnish and Chinese people.



Happy New Year Now and Here, Have a prosperous New Year 2018!

Now Here Me 是由我院外专高端专家Jarmo Suominen教授和学生鲍汐莹从最初因绘画爱好而作的一次尝试开始,用画作记录生命的瞬间,到今天渐渐有了更多创作灵感。Jarmo Suominen教授认为,绘画的成果不仅在于绘画本身的内容,而更在于将画作这一行为视为一种连接方式,以及在这一过程中人的情绪与体验。





NOW HERE ME project started from observations of everyday captured on notebooks by us. Moments that happen in time, place and with people, NOW HERE ME. Work will take shape as “cavedrawings” like visual representations of particular event IN SITU.  Drawings are situated in the original, natural, or existing place or position. We focus on what’s happening and emotions of people that we observe. What matters is not only the content of drawings, but more of the process. The process that everybody is on the spot and participate and witness. We learnt from people that watched us, we learnt from those who appreciate us, those who doubt us, those who invite us. 


Now Here at SF100 Challenge 2017 Grand Gala

在2017接近尾声之时,中芬100年挑战赛组委会与同济大学中芬中心于12月13日共同举办了“Sino Finnish 100 Challenge 2017 Grand Gala”,聚集了来自中国和芬兰的杰出教授、学者、设计师、政界商界代表们的主席。

When 2017 was coming to an end, on 13th of December, Sino Finnish 100 Challenge organization and Sino Finnish Center Tongji University organized the “Sino Finnish 100 Challenge 2017 Grand Gala”, which gathered prestigious professors, scholars, designers, as well as distinguished political and comercial representatives from both China and Finland.

鸡尾酒会在悠扬的小提琴声中展开,与此同时,Jarmo Suominen教授与同济大学学生鲍汐莹在会场的墙上即兴作画,这正印证了中芬100年挑战赛的理念 ——  "a new way of doing"。

The cocktail party started in beautiful violin music. At the same time, Prof. Jarmo Suominen and Ms. Bao Xiying from Tongji University started their improvisatory collaborative drawing on the wall. This is exactly what the the SF100 Challenge motto  says - "a new way of doing."