Today Qianwen was so full of energy and ideas that she had hard time to express them in a short moment reserved for each team at Tsinghua. Her gestures and expressions were telling the story in any case, as Everyday experiences will tell the story of our lives if we have time and passion to observe it.

Observations are subjective perceptions of what is happening around us. Observations are fragile and related to the context of the events. Perceptions get mixed and blurred easily if not memorizes in some applicable ways, in written, visual or any other subjective language like musical or choreographically meaningfull ways.

Notebooks are essential for visual interpretations of everyday events. Notebook is carried trough everyday experiences and eventually emerges as collections of our emotions. Notebook will enable a repository of events around us if they are captured accordingly.

Our drawings are created based on perception of that particular context, captured in discussions, drawings and experiences on notebook. Those events are interconnected and together form a story-line of this particular context. Together they illustrate the quote of Mark Twain: "apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today"

Jarmo Suominen